COVID-19 testing identifies if you’re currently infected with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. MEHOP administers the PCR test which detects genetic material of the COVID-19 virus. PCR tests are very accurate and are sent to a lab for processing.

For community testing events, advance registration is available but not required. To register in advance, please follow the instructions below. Advance registration will save you time once you arrive at the testing location.

MEHOP provides COVID-19 testing at our Family Medicine and Pediatric locations in Bay City and Wharton on a regular basis. Appointments to see one of our health care providers for COVID related symptoms and testing can be made by calling 979-245-2008.

** Please note that a fee for office visit may apply if testing is administered at MEHOP Pediatric or Family Medicine Clinics through a provider. If uninsured, fee for service discounts may apply based on household income.

Community testing event lab fee for PCR COVID test:

  • $50 lab fee for the PCR COVID test.
  • Patients with insurance, lab fee will be charged to their insurance carrier.

Community Testing Event On-Line Registration

You DO NOT need to be a patient of MEHOP to receive COVID-19 testing from one of our community testing locations or mobile COVID unit.

To Register:

  • Select a location and day from the calendar(s) below
  • Select an available time
  • Then enter your information and click “Book This Appointment”

    You will see a confirmation that you scheduled your appointment and will also receive an email confirmation. There could be a delay receiving your email confirmation, please allow some time for it to be received. If you do not receive it call 979-479-6580 or email to confirm your appointment.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure to cancel your appointment if you are not able to make it. This can be done through your confirmation email or by calling 979-479-6580.

**If you miss your appointment, you may arrive at a later time. Call 979-479-6580 for vaccine or testing event hours.

If you know someone who does not have access to a computer and/or e mail, they can call our COVID Line at 979-479-6580 to register.

Bay City – 101 Ave. F North

Wharton – 2112 Regional Medical Drive, Ste. 1305

Palacios – 308 Henderson St. (Dollar Tree Parking Lot)

If you have not received the COVID-19 Vaccine go here for information on our next vaccination event.