Four Things You Can Do For A Healthy Pregnancy

Taking a proactive role in the early stages of pregnancy will help keep yourself and your developing infant healthy.

1. Begin Prenatal Care

Prenatal care through a health care provider, such as an OB/GYN, should begin as soon as pregnancy is confirmed. Prenatal care can help prevent complications and inform women about important steps they can take to protect their infant and ensure a healthy pregnancy. With regular prenatal care women can1:

  • Reduce the risk of pregnancy complications.
  • Reduce the fetus’s and infant’s risk for complications.
  • Help ensure the medications women take are safe.

2. Stop Using Alcohol, Tobacco and/or Drugs

3. Eat A Healthy Diet

  • Eating well is one of the best things you can do during pregnancy. Good nutrition helps you handle the extra demands on your body as your pregnancy progresses. The goal is to balance getting enough nutrients to support the growth of the fetus and maintaining a healthy weight3.

4. Get Regular Dental Checkups

  • Don’t overlook your oral health, which can be affected by the hormonal changes you will experience during pregnancy5.
  • Your oral health is an important part of your overall health, and untreated dental disease can be harmful to you and your baby5.


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