Rebecca Myers, MSN, RN for MEHOP

Two new studies are out that suggest that people who survived COVID-19 have long-term immunity from the virus3,4.

If you are a COVID-19 survivor and received the vaccination, your immunity is boosted up to “50 times greater than before the vaccine2.”

People who had COVID-19 develop antibodies (immunity) that fight the infection.

Some of the antibodies become ‘memory B cells’ that settle into your bone marrow.

Memory B cells have special properties that develop only after you have survived the COVID-19 virus. These cells stay quiet until they are needed.

If you are attacked by the COVID-19 virus, memory B cells then spring action to release antibodies into your bloodstream to protect you4.

There is ongoing research to learn how long the vaccination protects you if you didn’t have COVID-19.

Whether or not you had COVID19, getting the COVID-19 vaccine is your best protection against contracting it1.


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