MEHOP Family Medicine and Behavioral Health is now offering optional curbside check-in for patient appointments at our Wharton location.

If Tele-Health or Tele-Therapy is not a viable option and the patient needs or chooses an in-office visit they now have the option to call when they arrive, check-in for their appointment and wait in their vehicle. Check-in at the front desk and waiting room seating is still available as well.

MEHOP is looking closely at our current procedures and how we can change them to better meet patient needs during this challenging time. MEHOP is identifying new ways to enable healthcare services that continue to ensure access to care and are also meeting the needs of our patients and the community. Our Wharton location is the first to receive the new curbside check-in feature.

It is important for patients to stay in touch with their doctors for routine and chronic care visits. Tele-Health and Tele-Therapy are not accessible to all patients due to technology limitations. We also recognize individual concerns about being in public spaces and curbside check-in will lessen the time that patients are in the building.  

To further simplify the check-in process, patients are sent a secure link 2 days prior to their appointment. Through the link, patients are able to complete pre-visit information such as confirming health history and current medications.

If the patient chooses curbside check-in, they will receive a call when it is their turn to be seen or a staff member will come to the vehicle and notify them in person . Once in the building, the patient and parent/guardian, or companion will have their temperature(s) taken at the front door. Only one parent/guardian, or companion will be allowed per patient for those needing assistance unless medical necessity dictates otherwise. Once temperature readings are complete, the patient and parent/guardian, or companion will then be taken to the exam room for their appointment.

MEHOP Family Medicine and Behavioral Health is located within OakBend Hospital’s Wharton campus at the back of the building, 10141 U.S. Hwy. 59, Ste. A. For appointments and curbside check-in call 979-559-3550.

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