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Our Patient Advisory Committee is dedicated to the improvement of quality care for the communities we serve. The Advisory Committee is comprised of staff and patients/patient representatives at MEHOP.

Patients/representatives are often the most knowledgeable members of the care team, and can offer unique perspectives and valuable feedback regarding the standard of care they receive and needed services. Patient advisors represent the views of a diverse patient group, with members providing insight which represents different genders, ages, incomes, geographic locations, information from personal experiences and more.

MEHOP staff members share the insights gained in advisory committee meetings across our variety of medical disciplines, which include physicians, dentists,  nurses, safety, IT and managers.

This shared relationship enables the Advisory Committee, which meets on a quarterly basis, to:

Identify patient needs and concerns.
Provide feedback on current systems and processes within MEHOP.
Generate new ideas to improve the standard of care.
Act as catalysts to integrate patient-centered care within MEHOP

How Can I Become Involved?

The Advisory Committee meets once a quarter at 12 noon at MEHOP and lunch is provided. For additional information about the Patient Advisory Committee, or to become an advisor, please send an email to or call 979-245-2008 ext. 301.