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  It’s a Saturday morning and you wake up with a sore throat and fever. You know you can’t go the whole weekend without seeing a Doctor but what do you do….It’s Saturday?

How many times have we been in that situation with our selves or a family member? At MEHOP we eliminate having to wait to see a doctor when you need it most. Our Family Medical clinic offers extended office hours and is open;

Monday – Friday 7am – 9pm

Saturday’s 7am – 4pm

Sunday’s 8am – 12pm

During regular business hours, Monday – Friday 7am – 5pm, we have same day appointments available as well as walk-in hours either at 8am or 1pm. During these hours of operation Family Medicine sees patients from the age of 4 yrs – adult.

After 5pm Monday – Friday and on Saturday’s and Sunday’s during our extended hours of operation we have scheduled appointments available as well as walk-ins any time during those hours.  During these hours of operations all age range of patients are seen, newborn – adult. For newborn – age 18, Texas Healthy Step/Vaccines are not available during extended hours.

MEHOP Family Medicine accepts new and established patients during all hours of operations. Also when you are an established patient at MEHOP, each of our physicians are able to access your medical records to see your full health history with us so you receive continuity of care 7 days a week when you need it most.

MEHOP Family Medicine is located at 1700 Golden Ave. in Bay City and can be reached at 979-245-2008 ext. 502 and 700 during regular office hours and at ext. 702 during extended hours. MEHOP accepts private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid and offers self pay fee for service discounts, if eligible, based on household income if uninsured.