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MEHOP extended-hours Family Medicine clinic is the perfect solution to the problem of crowded emergency rooms, appointment waiting lists, and illnesses and injuries that always seem to happen on the weekends. We have extended hours so you and your loved ones will be able to get the care you need exactly when you need it. Here are three ways our extended-hours Family Medicine clinic benefits the community.

#1: Easing ER Overcrowding 

Over crowded emergency rooms are a big problem. In many emergency rooms, people have to wait at least several hours for care if they have illnesses or injuries that are not life-threatening emergencies. There is usually a much shorter wait time at an extended hours clinic, which means you’ll get the care you need faster. By using an extended hours clinic it also means that emergency room beds and staff will be more readily available to tend to those who do have life-threatening emergencies .

#2: Evening and Weekend Access

Many primary care doctors do not see patients in the evening or on weekends, making it difficult for people who work or attend school during the day to get the care they need.  If you need a routine checkup or want a doctor to help you manage a condition such as diabetes, asthma, or heart disease, you don’t have to take a day off work or wait several weeks to see someone. MEHOP extended-hours Family Medicine clinic schedules appointments for routine care as well as accepts walk-in sick visits. We have extended hours so you can get the care you need when it is convenient for you.

#3: Cost Reduction 

Using an extended-hours clinic will also save you money on your medical expenses. Emergency room visit can be costly. MEHOP accepts private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid and for those that are uninsured we offer discounts on fees for services based  on household income if eligible.

MEHOP Family Medicine clinic is open Monday – Friday 7am – 5pm.  Extended hours begin Monday-Friday from 5pm – 8:30pm and continue Saturday’s from 7am-4pm and Sunday’s 8am – 12pm. MEHOP Family Medicine is located at 1700 Golden Ave. in Bay City, 979-245-2008. It is to your advantage to arrive no later than an hour before closing times. If we have high patient volumes we may have to close doors early to ensure staff are able to see all patients and leave clinic at reasonable hours.